Mike Henriksen


Meet Mike.....

A Nebraska native, Mike Henriksen has been a broadcaster and public speaker in South Dakota for nearly 40 years.

He co-hosts a daily radio interview show with Mark Ovenden of KDLT that airs on 11 radio stations, and hosts a weekly interview show that airs on 17 stations. He has also served as a play by play announcer on South Dakota Public Broadcasting state tournament coverage for 18 years.

Mike recently published a book titled "First Person: Legendary South Dakota Sports Stories".


Melissa Johnson



Meet Melissa.....

Melissa Johnson is a writer who travels and a traveler who writes. An entrepreneur, a writer, and a storyteller, Melissa is a long-time Sioux Falls resident. Owner of Oh My Cupcakes! and Oh My Word Paperie, she’s grateful for the community’s continued support of its people and their pursuits.

Known for her love of heels and sparkly things, she’s an unlikely but passionate hiking enthusiast. Melissa considers resilience and a positive spirit as some of her most treasured gifts.

Her world revolves around her four children ranging in age from 6 to 23, her three dogs, and a snarky cat. 


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