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kim Bartling


Producer and Emcee



Meet Kim.....

Kim Bartling claims she is, “just a good ole’ girl” from South Dakota. As much as that is true, she has also traveled the world gathering education, experience and stories.

Gandhi’s,“Be the change you want to see in the world” is her inspirational mantra. In the last 10 years that includes identifying and enrolling street children for school in Belize, Central America and serving the homeless from New York City to Sioux Falls.

Kim has been a theatre and film professor for more than 30 years and has directed 110 theatre productions. As an entrepreneur, Kim is a professional motivational speaker, directs children’s theatre camps, and owns and directs Ephemeral Productions.

Kim is an outdoor enthusiast, sports fan and is an avid writer. She loves exploring South Dakota campsites in her refurbished 1967 camper!


Special Musical Guest for
An Evening of Homestake Heritage

Hank Harris


Hank Harris is a South Dakota music legend. Hank was a member of the Red Willow Band, DD and the Fayrohs and many more bands over a career that spanned decades. As a solo artist, Hank has worked with the Deadwood Adams Museum which included a SDPB video and two CDs entitled Deadwood Songbook. In addition, he has written soundtracks for two documentaries which aired on SDPB. Hank continues to share his songwriting and musical talents with fans throughout South Dakota.


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