Pitch Your Story


Performers will present stories of high character and ethics, which includes but is not limited to:

-Sharing real and non-exaggerated accounts of stories of which they were an active participant.

-Treating all those involved in the story with respect and dignity; the unearthing of employment, friends and family secrets will not be accepted.

-Approach the genre of storytelling and the performance with integrity.

-Restraining from including material that violates the law or compromises an individual moral, personal and legal status. 

-Representing oneself as a responsible Dakota neighbor by including profanity or “mature audience only” material. 

-Being a good global citizen by refraining from marginalizing any individual regardless of their race, creed, economic background, nationality, sexual orientation or self-identified gender. Plains Spoken People has a Zero Tolerance Policy toward bullying, discrimination, and any type of harassment. 



2 Ways

1. Submit your synopsis in writing. You have 250 words!


2. Email a 2 minute audio or video submission to
(For assistance with submitting via this format, please contact us at the above email.)

We do not want an “idea” of what you are thinking; please submit the beginning – middle – end of the actual tale. Also, we want to hear your style and tone. Ask yourself these 2 questions: Why is this important to you?  Why will it be “a hit” with a South Dakota audience?  You have two minutes to cast, snag and reel us in!

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